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 “…smart, contemplative, and progressive music” that posesses “…an emotional strength that invites repeated investigation” 
Alexander Varty, Georgia Straight

Elisa Thorn’s HUE
is an innovative trio featuring James Meger on bass and Justin Devries on drums. The group developed from The Painting Project, in which they used paintings from Elisa’s father, Bruce Thorn, as inspiration for composition and improvisation. The trio released their sophomore album, Flowers For Your Heart, on May 31, 2019.

As Bruce explains in his own artist statement, he is “working to create a vision that is improvisational, intuitive, contemporary & universal, ” using “abstraction as a mode to reflect upon social and natural environments to create a journey of exploration and invention rather than a predetermined statement.

In line with his vision, Elisa has created music that explores colour, movement and abstraction. The intimate trio setting leaves space to highlight the intricate and diverse sonic possibilities of the harp.

The trio frequently collaborates with vocalist Laura Swankey (Toronto) and will be releasing a live video EP with her in fall 2019 with the support of Creative BC and Canada Council for the Arts.

HUE performing live with guest vocalist Laura Swankey.

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