Learn to play the harp!

Elisa teaches both pedal and celtic harp. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your teaching style/philosophy?

I believe it is extremely important to foster versatility and creativity into musical education. Even though the harp is an instrument with very strong roots in the classical tradition, it is important to teach in a way that is relevant to the music and culture in our world today. The harpist and the harp needs to evolve with the cultural evolution of music. Because of this, I take a holistic approach to teaching: it is important to listen to music, to understand the musical vocabulary of what you are listening to and playing, to learn how to improvise and create new ideas with this material, and play with others. Depending on the goals of the student, we will choose music from across different genres from classical to jazz to pop and use this as a launching pad for learning. This could include analyzing the music to understand the theory, picking out the musical vocabulary that stands out to the student and using it for further learning and improvisation. This ultimately will help develop the student’s personal voice and style within their music.

Where do I get a harp? Do I have to buy one right away? Can I rent?

Buying a harp is a big investment – so don’t worry, you don’t have to buy one right away! There are local music shops and harpists with harp rentals available for a low monthly fee. I am more than happy to help find the right instrument for you!

I’m an adult. Is it too late to start?

I get this question all the time – and my answer always is , it’s never too late to start! I’ve taught students age five to ninety-five. Regardless of previous musical background or education, I believe there is something to be gained from a developing musical relationship.

My child has expressed interest in harp. How young is too young?

Children all have different learning styles – so their readiness for music lessons depends on their ability to conentrate and follow directions. I’ve taught students as young as 4 and 5 and we have so much fun! I am a certified and practicing Music Together teacher, so I have a lot of experience and training about early-childhood music education

Where do you teach?

My private studio is in east Vancouver, British Columbia.

 If you are interested in joining Elisa’s private studio, contact her:
Phone  |  (778) 232-9933
Email  |  ElisaThorn@gmail.com