I am involved in many different projects that vary from pop to jazz-ish to experimental and everything in between:


My solo project combines elements of pop & folk music that is informed by my classical technique and career as a contemporary musician.  Using a loop pedal, voice, and Camac Uylsses harp, it is soundscape-y, imaginative and would be well suited for listening to while driving down a country road, in the bath, or laying down in a mossy field.

The Giving Shapes

Elisa is joined by pianist Robyn Jacob, bringing together their innovative & subversive compositional techniques in a tightly arranged, beautiful collaboration.

Gentle Party

Gentle Party is an avant chamber pop ensemble that pioneers a unique, expansive sound distinct to the quartet’s West Coast roots.  Elisa is joined by Jessicka (voice) and Meredith Bates (violin).  Their sophomore album, God Complex, was released in February 2022 and has been described as a “startlingly confident and accomplished second album” (Joseph Stannard, The Wire).


HUE tackles two artistic objectives: firstly, how to create music that is both abstract and accessible; and secondly, how to lead a band with harp in a way does not compromise sensitivity with its boldness, or aesthetic beauty with its curiosity. Featuring James Meger on bass, Justin Devries on drums, and Laura Swankey on voice.

The Years in Between

Flowing through different scenes and spaces, the 26-minute piece is a
MEDITATION  /  ABSTRACT NARRATIVE  /  EXPLORATION recorded with Elisa’s Camac DHC and Lyon & Healy 85E harps, a Boss RC-300 looping pedal, and GarageBand.

Like The Mind

Like the Mind is a new instrumental ensemble led by Meredith Bates made up of six award-winning female musicians from Canada and Sweden. Peggy Lee (cello), Lisa Ullén (piano), Meredith Bates (violin), Lisen Rylander Löve (saxophone), Elisa Thorn (harp), and Emma Augustsson (cello).


Star Triptych

Featuring Toronto musicians David Riddel (guitar) and Laura Swankey (voice), Star Triptych bridges improv, composition, extended techniques & electronic effects to capture and communicate beauty.

Jazz Bras Dot Com

Jazz Bras Dot Com is loud, soft, edged and curved. The trio is completed with Laura Swankey (voice) and Jessica Ackerley (guitar).

Written on the Body

Part of the Vancouver Park Board’s Artist Studio Residency program, this project the relationship between movement an music with Dayna Szyndrowski (percussive dance).


Selenotropism is plant growth in response to moonlight. With Justin Devries on drums and Jeff Gammon on bass, this music explores how to integrate the harp as the backbone of a band without it being the ‘elephant in the room’.