‘Hue’ album release

The debut album of my Painting Project, Hue will be released on January 14th at the China Cloud (524 Main Street).

The album uses the abstract paintings of my father, Bruce Thorn, as a basis for composition and improvisation for a trio featuring harp, bass and drums. As Bruce explains in his own artist statement, he is:
“working to create a vision that is improvisational, intuitive, contemporary & universal, ” using “abstraction as a mode to reflect upon social and natural environments to create a journey of exploration and invention rather than a predetermined statement.”
In line with his vision, I have created music that explores colour, movement and abstraction. The sparse instrumentation leaves space to highlight the intricate and diverse sonic possibilities of the harp.

The album is available for purchase on bandcamp.
For more information about the project, click here.

I am humbled and so grateful for the kind attention this project has been receiving. Check out reviews from:
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