Kaleidoscope: A showcase of contemporary harp music

Kaleidoscope: A showcase of contemporary harp music
February 5th at 7:30pm | The Roundhouse
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Elisa Thorn Kaleidosco

To celebrate the conclusion of a year-long mentorship with composer Dr. Lisa Cay Miller, harpist Elisa Thorn will showcase a broad spectrum of original music in Kaleidoscope. From jazz to indie to avant-garde, Thorn uses the harp in unconventional, innovative ways.

Awarded an Early Career Development grant from the BC Arts Council in fall of 2014, Thorn has been studying composition and improvisation with Dr. Lisa Cay Miller for the past 1.5 years. During this time, she has written a large body of music for various small ensembles, which will be showcased in this performance.

As part of her Fieldhouse Residency with the City of Vancouver Parks Board, Kaleidoscope will take place on the beautiful stage at the Performance Centre in the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre. Her Fieldhouse partner/collaborator, percussive dancer Dayna Szyndrowski, will be a special guest at this show.

Kaleidoscope will feature original music from Thorn’s projects Gentle Party, Written on the Body, Red Moon and her Painting Project, which uses paintings by her father Bruce Thorn as a basis for musical inspiration. Special guests include James Meger, Justin Devries, Meredith Bates, Shanto Acharia, Jessica Ylirussi, Justin Devries, and Roisin Adams.

Finally, Scott Morgan (better known by his stage alias of Loscil), will be providing live projections during this performance. Using content from his own library, content collected specifically for this show, and Bruce Thorn’s abstract paintings. Morgan will create an immersive environment drawing upon themes of colour, nature and other imagery found within the music.

The concert will conclude with an artist Q & A. Generously supported by the British Columbia Arts Council’s Early Career Development Program.

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