Summer Festival Announcements

We thought it might never come….but summer has finally arrived! While ardently trying to absorb much vitamin D as humanly possible, I’m finding it very hard to be productive on these sunny days – but I have a lot to prepare for. I’m very excited and grateful to be playing my music at the of the following festivals this summer:

Music Waste | Solo set| June 3rd, 9:45pm @ China Cloud
Campbell Bay Music Festival (Mayne Island) | Elisa Thorn’s HUE | June 24th @ Main Stage
TD International Vancouver Jazz Festival | Elisa Thorn’s HUE | July 1st, 12pm @ Roundhouse Exhibition Hall
Khatsalano Street Party | Gentle Party | July 8th @ West 4th Ave
Vancouver Tap Dance Festival | with Dayna Szyndrowski | August 25th, 8pm @ Orpheum Annex